Garriga e Megos: the 9b Alex - Up-Climbing

Garriga e Megos: the 9b Alex

Alex Garriga e Alex Megos on the top on their 9a/b projects.

Let’s start from the last one: Alex Garriga has also closed his last hard project in Cuenca. In the world famous Spanish crag, Alex climbed more than ten routes 8c+ or harder and now we have another name on that list. Actually, it is the hardest route there and it is a first ascent. The 22 yo climber has linked up the two classical 9a+ (Following the leader and Circo Iberco) for making this new route. In 30 meters it gains the 9a+/b level, logical if we think that it takes both the hardest part of the original routes. The name is Líder Ibérico and it is officially the hardest line in Cuenca!

Different speech for Megos, who is for this time “just” a repetitor. We talked about that yesterday in the Ramonet post, but now let’s say something more. Alex (the German one) has reached the first repetition of Mejorando Imagen, 9a in Margalef. Bolted by Iker Pou, who thought it could be 9a+/b, the first ascent is by Ramon Julian Puigblanque back in 2013. After three days of work and seven goes, he established this 9a. Megos really wanted to climb it quickly, but the route is really hard! After a huge battle, he proposes the upgrade to 9b, saying “ I lowered to the ground, my expectations were nonexistent. I had no chance to climb it on my 6th try. I climbed so badly, I barely stuck the crux move and then I kept climbing badly to the top”

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