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Garriga: tris of 9th!

Alex Garriga has climbed Zeleputza 9a+, Harroputza and Santo Caledon 9a.

Alex Garriga is probably hyperactive. After the last 9a bis, this time he has climbed a great tris. In La hoya de la leze, Alex has redpointed a lot of hard lines, and the hardest is Zeleputza. This one is the last one born, bolted by Dani Andrada and freed by Jonatan Flor right before Alex, who confirms the 9a+ grade for this endurance test piece. The others two estreme lines are Harroputza e Santo Caledon.

Moreover, he has also climbed:

Los puntos sobre las x R1, 8b+/c)

Mikelats, 8c

Hoyako Mari, 8b+

From Alex Garriga’s IG page