Gerlinde Kaltebrunner retreats from K2 - Up-Climbing

Gerlinde Kaltebrunner retreats from K2

Austrain alpinist  Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has made her second attempt to K2, but once more she was forced to retreat..
"It was not meant to be – Gerlinde is descending," Ralf Dumovits just reported.
"Time went by as the four remaining climbers got stuck in chest-deep snow, unable to advance," Gerlinde’s husband Ralf wrote. "Finally, they retreated in otherwise perfect weather by 4:00 pm."
Another attempt, after the two up to 8300 meters without suplementary oxigen, could be dangerous for her health.
Korean Oh Eun Sun is actually leading the female 14x 8000ers competition, after the recent success on GI: for  the Korean climber Annapurna  is now the only summit left  for reaching the goal first achieved by Reinhold Messner.