Giovanni Quirici died on Eiger north face - Up-Climbing

Giovanni Quirici died on Eiger north face

Giovanni Quirici died on Friday August 12th, falling from "Le Chant du Cygne" (7a, 6b+ obblig., 900m, Anker-Piola 1992) on the Eiger North face. He was born in Bidogno, Ticino (Switzerland) on May 9th, 1978
Giovanni was an great and versatile rock climber and mountaineer, active in establishing difficult first ascents
Junior Swiss champion in 1996 and then athlete of the national team, he soon left the competitions indoor to dedicate himself to the ascents on the rock.
 In his resume a number of prestigious ascents  including:
First free ascent in one day: Yeah Man (8b+, 7b obl., 330m) Gastlosen, CH (10)
First free ascent: Timofeev route (7b+, 7a obl., 900m) Kirghizstan (09)
First free ascent: The power of lady (8c) Salève, France (09)
First free attempt: Tough Enough (8c, 7a obl., 400m), Karambony, Madagascar (07)
Open from the bottom and first free ascent: Samsara is Nirvana (7b, 7b obl., 650m), Ladakh, India (07)
First free attempt: West Pillar, Grand Diedre Desplomado (8a/A3, 1200m), Nameless Tower, Pakistan (06)
First free ascent: Super Cirille (8a, 7a obl., 250m), Val Bavona, CH (06)
First free ascent: Anche per oggi non si vola (7c+/8a, 6b obl., 300m), Val di Mello, Italy (06)
First free ascent: Arctandria (8a+, A2+ R, 450m), Blamann, Norway (05)
Open from the bottom and first free ascent: Ritorni Notturni (8a+, 7b obl., 250m), Verzasca, CH (05)
First on sight: Sconfiggere il drago (7c, 6b obl., 200m), Denti della vecchia, CH (05)
Second free ascent: Futura (7c+, 6c obl., 500m), Alnasca, CH (05)
Open from the bottom and first free ascent: Diamond inside (7c, 6b+ obl., 330m), Aladaglar, Turkey (04)
Climbing (mountaineering) expedition Kirghisztan (2009)
Nature exploring expedition (Makay) and climbing (Karambony) in Madagascar (2007) –  
Climbing (mountaineering) expedition Ladakh (2007)
Climbing (mountaineering) expedition Pakistan (2006)
Nature exploring expedition and climbing in Mali (2005) –  
Climbing (mountaineering) expedition in Norway (2005)
Climbing (mountaineering) expedition in Usa (2004)
Climbing (mountaineering) expedition from Swiss to Iran (2004)

In an interview released to Pierre Délas (Kairn) that we published last year after the first free ascent of  Yeah man, Giovanni said: " I often present a slide show and movie of my expeditions. I like to share experiences, and if the end of a conference I was able to give a person the desire to realize a dream, I am the happiest man. I think that if every human being  was listening to his heart, the world would be better"

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