A June full of Trail and Vertical - Up-Climbing

A June full of Trail and Vertical

Summer is coming and the Tour Trail too. It will be a very intense month of June that promises to give emotions on the Aosta Valley trails. From Vertical Trails, from Sprint Trials to Large Altitudes: races and routes for all tastes and all the difficulties. Days of agony coupled with tradition, gourmet events and so much fun. All of the ingredients that led the Avalanche circuit have a large number of athletes that are gravitating around these races.

On Saturday, June 10, the fifth edition of the Licony Trail runs with a new 70 kilometers and the classic 25 kilometers. Great work by the organizers who had to clean the trails and remove the snow still at high altitude. The long race course is all confirmed, except for the Crown Cross that will be cut off: it will pass from the alternative route already envisaged. All but confirmed for short trial at 9 am from Morgex Square. The 70km, however, will start at 4pm and will be valid as a qualifying race for the UTMB (4 points).

Entries (over 450 athletes) for the 70 km will close at 8 pm on Wednesday, June 7th. 25km athletes will have the opportunity to sign up on the morning of 10th June, paying the sum of 40 €. Many draw-offs, in addition to the prize of the first five absolute (male and female) and first in each category.

Baby Licony
Friday afternoon will be dedicated to the little ones who will attend the second edition of Baby Licony. At 17 o’clock there will be the tour of the village of Morgex for young people 6-10 and 11-14 years. Prize for the top three of each category, but many surprises and prizes for everyone else. Free membership at the Morgex Pro Loco on the day of the race.

The Becca of Viou
Great work also for men who immediately after Licony Trail will organize a double event around the Becca di Viou. On Sunday, June 18, Vertical is back, the second of the Défi, while on Saturday, June 24, the Trail runs. The uphill race will have a double distance: 5 km (1,000 D +) and 9 km (1,900 D +) and this year will coincide with the Enogastronomic Triangle that combines the delicacies of Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Valle d’Aosta, , Good food lovers and many trailers.

On June 24, the trail space with the 21 kilometers remains the same and with a 31 km that goes to replace the 47 and cuts the Becca di Viou. A new less challenging, but equally scenic route. Entries from all races are open on Wedosport.