Gliese 581 also for Edoardo Bocchio Vega and 8b flash for Niky Ceria - Up-Climbing

Gliese 581 also for Edoardo Bocchio Vega and 8b flash for Niky Ceria

Again nice results for the italian bouldering

Only three days ago, Marcello Bombardi closed Gliese581, testpiece of 8B + by Niky Ceria at Champorcher (here the news). Now, another of the best exponents of Italian bouldering, Edoardo Bocchio Vega, manages to send this beautiful line among the mountains of the Aosta Valley.

Many congratulations also to Edo who gave news of the realization on his facebook page:

“Is the mental attitude so important? One more time i did my best attempt in one of the worst day ever. A window of conditions and the good friends who supported me tranformed another “No expectations day” into one of my best performance so far!”

This is his second 8B + after the ascent of Gecko Assis in Bleau, a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the first climber of Gliese581, the visionary traveler Niky Ceria is in New Zealand and also here he leaves his mark by opening new lines and repeating those already existing among these magical boulders. In particular, his last ascent is the exceptional flash of Trifecta Middle, an 8B climbed in 2005 by Chris Sharma and that had the second ascent by Dan Smith and then Jimmy Webb only almost 10 years later. This gives us an idea of ​​the difficulty of this line and the great explois of Niky, who so comments:

“Flashed Chris Sharma’s “Trifecta Middle” today at Flock Hill! Another world classic problem off from the life time list!”

Many congratulations to Niccolò for this great return after the shoulder injury.


Fonte: facebook