Marcello Bombardi sends Gliese 581, 8B+. - Up-Climbing

Marcello Bombardi sends Gliese 581, 8B+.

Marcello is the fourth climber sending this line by Niky Ceria

Marcello Bombardi is in a very good shape and in Champorcher (Italy) he climbs hard!!!
Here, yesterday evening, he sent Gliese 581, 8B+, one of the creatures by Niky Ceria, which has been repeated also by Gabri Moroni and Paul Robinson. Above the video of the ascent.

A fantastic result for one of the best italian climbers in the World Cup, who also finds the time for rock climbing among his training days for international competitions.

Here’s the comment by Marcello about Gliese from his facebook profile:

“I already tried the boulder two years ago without results and many difficulties on the starting move, the characteristic one of this line where you have to cross your arms. In these days, I came back and all was different….I found that move easy, I did almost immediately the final dyno and I found myself quickly on the top of the boulder. It has been nice to see the improvements of these years by sending such an aesthetic problem.”

Good job Marcello!!!


Fonte: facebook