Good Morning Bleau - Up-Climbing

Good Morning Bleau

Michele Caminati spent twelve days at Fontainebleau, where he got some good reps and above all  "batteries recharged" as he wrote in his blog.

After the competitions  season, looked a bit tired of the racing circuit, "at the end is like a drug. Every time I promise to stop, every time I find myself to twiddle my  thumbs  waiting in isolation for my turn. Looking around then you realize you are no longer the emerging young boy, full of hopes and expectations, but just one of the oldest, in which time and experience were able to completely destroy them”

A Fontainebleau is quite different: "there is no need to try 8B or 8C, this is not a question to climb grades, but to climb boulders , the real boulders. If at the end of the day you’re exhausted and have given all the energy to climb a 7C, who cares? The objective is achieved: you gave the maximum, you’re busy, you have suffered and eventually you succeeded. It will be less renowned that an ugly 8b  that you have repeated quickly, but you will feel certainly something more inside. "

On 20 October it was the turn of the repeat of  The Island, 8B+/8C, then followed Sol Invinctus 8A (8A+), Gospel 7C+(8A) anf The Apparemment 7C+(8A).

Here is nice video  just released: magnificent views of the forest in autumn and hard blocks at will.
Source : Blog Michele Caminati  Bleau info