Grand Illusion also for Fultz - Up-Climbing

Grand Illusion also for Fultz

Another great exploit for one of the best American boulderers


The first 8C boulder by Matt Fultz dates back to 2018. Since then, with a remarkable rate, this climber proved to be one of the strongest boulderers in the world, sending a large number of extreme lines, such as also the legendary Hypnotized Minds in the RMNP and Sleepwalker in Red Rocks, both 8C+.

For a few weeks, Matt has shown on his Instagram profile a few posts showing him engaged in the Little Cottonwood Canyon: his goal was inevitably Grand Illusion, the long 8C+ first climbed by Nathaniel Coleman, then repeated by Sean Bailey and recently by Daniel Woods.

If we are here talking about it, it is because Fultz got the ascent last night, thus climbing his third 8C+ boulder problem. Also on Instagram here is what he says about his latest result:

“Made the 4th ascent of this legendary Nathaniel Coleman boulder last night! Grand Ill is pretty much the only problem I’ve tried since early April. It was quite a fight to gain the specific fitness required for this boulder/sport climb hybrid. Pacing, precision, and micro-beta needed to be so dialed in for me. And of course, as usual, the long fight ended in a pretty casual first try of the night burn. Felt like I could run laps but I think that’s the confidence the problem required of me. I was initially drawn to Grand Illusion as I thought it would be great training for Creature from the Black Lagoon in Colorado, my main focus for this Summer. But then I got so obsessed, I actually postponed my trip to Colorado! Luckily not for too long!”

Considering his next project and his current shape, it’s likely we’ll be talking about him again this summer!


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