Intense activity on "Pirineo Aragones" - Up-Climbing

Intense activity on “Pirineo Aragones”

Martín Elías, Manuel Córdova, Javier Bueno, Alejandro Corpas and Mikel Bonilla, members of the concentración de alpinismo invernal of the Equipo Español de Alpinismo (EEA) directed by Simon Elias, carried on an intense activity on Pirineo Aragones, thanks to favourable weather and good conditions of ice and snow. On March 19th, Martin and Simon Elias realised a new itinerary on the north wall of the Pala de Ip 2783m, on the left of North Dihedral. The mountain is located to the bottom of Izas Valley and can be reached from Formigal in Tena valley. A little forgotten in the last seasons, the mountain receveid this winter many attentions fron several parties. The route “ Anarquista Busca Sponsor” (600 m, M6, 90º) ascents the North wall on snow ice and mixed, then reach the summit from a nice vertical couloir. Again Martin and Simon Elias climbed the first winter repetition of Picazo (700 m, 6b+, M6, 90º) at Peña Forato, an aesthetic route of dihedral and chimneys that divided the impressive wall. In 700 m of route, the two brothers fiund only a bolt, so they thanked Picazo to have left to the repetitors the pleasure to feel as the first ascenders! "Es un gesto de anciana caballerosidad." wrote Simon on his Desnivel blog
Then the French Remi Thivel, Richard Dupont and  Rémi Laborde climbed on march 18th a probably new route (nameless until now) 600m M6  max, 70°, TD+, on the North face of Pala de Ip, at the right of Ursi route. Descente from the North face.