Hades (9a) at Nassereith for Ondra and Usobiaga - Up-Climbing

Hades (9a) at Nassereith for Ondra and Usobiaga

"It is always good to have some time for myself to relax a little bit, and this is what I do after every competition. On Sunday, seeing how great the weather was, we decided to go rock climbing to Nassereith. There I met Adam, who was also there desintoxicating from the plastic. He had just sent Hades (9a), the route I wanted to try so I asked him for beta."
( Andreas Bindhammer sent Hades on 2008 July 5, then his brother Christian 4 days later carried out the first repeat. No rest points on a length of 15m and extreme shoulder and undercling moves on constantly small edges result with high demands on the maximum strength-resistance – last waiting for a hardly controllable dyno to a three-finger side-hold – often the end to a promising, but finally failed attempt.)
 "He gave me a very precise description of all the moves and after trying the route once and putting the quickdraws I had a very good go and sent it. It was very nice to have there someone to tell me the moves because it is usually very time and energy consuming to figure out how to do some sequences in these hard routes (thanks Adam). He sent an 8c+ (Fonax) while we were there and also gave me the beta. I tried it three times, but the conditions were getting worse and some of the holds were wet so after falling at the end of the sequence I decided to give up.

source:Usobiaga’s blog