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Hanke and Flor on their 9as!

Christoph Hanke and Jonatan Flor on their 9a projects.

Let’s start from the most known in this section: Jonathan Flor. The well talented climber has made himself a birthday present, climbing the unfinished business in la Piscineta. Climbing over the water, Jonny has made a rare repetition of Detectives, a 9a route boldted by Dani Andrada and freed by the king Chris Sharma. This one is the second repetition after the one by Seb Bouin, few years after the FA. What an incredible summer for Jonatan!

Going now to Ceuse, where a lot of climbers are enjoying the summer conditions, we found a fresh Christoph Hanke. He has climbed a well known route, a classic by Alex Megos, called Pornographie. It is a famous 9a and the name Christoph Hanke is now on the list of the repetitors, that is becoming really long.Christoph has decided to don’t use the kneepad, because Megos didn’t use it during the FA. MOreover, he has spent a lot of time exploring Ceuse, climbing a lot of classical 8th grade in flash style.. Now a bit of routesetting in Spain and then the end of the comp season!

From Athletes’ IG page