Hauser Free-solo on Supervisor WI6 270m - Up-Climbing

Hauser Free-solo on Supervisor WI6 270m


We reported few days ago about the impressive new pure ice ascent by Albert Leichtfried and Benedikt Purner in Eisarena –  Gasteinertal (Austria) a wild valley where are located famous icefalls as Mordor, Glaspalast, Mordor, Adrenalin and Supervisor.
And it was Supervisor  – one of the most difficult of Austria,  WI6 270m – that Rudolf Hauser  free soloed on January 12. 
The first ascent of this icefall was done 19 years ago by Joseph Steinbacher and the live legend  Hans Zlöbl  in 8 hours; Hauser climbed Supervisor in 1h and 40′, at -10°.
All the photos by Gerald (Geri) Zussner that ascend on Jumars the fixed rope of a summer project.
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