Highlander for Gabri Moroni!!! - Up-Climbing

Highlander for Gabri Moroni!!!

Without too much difficulty Gabriele flows on these thirty movements among the cool of the mountains.


Highlander is a long ride of about thirty movements, the final part of which is characterized by La Rève de Faire, the famous 8b by Fred Nicole. In June 2016 Martin Keller was finally able to send this long boulder/traverse after 13 years of attempts, with sessions carried out even in periods when Sustenpass was closed by snow and he had to reach the boulder with the skis at his feet!

A dream that finally led him to climb this 8c, then repeated only by Christof Rauch about a month ago.

Now even our great Gabriele Moroni completed this journey, moreover without too much difficulty, as the words he told us about this climb seem to suggest:

“I used it a bit as a training test and as an escape from the heat of the last few weeks, it’s a very long block / traverse and it does not need perfect conditions. I played on sequences 3/4 times this summer and, at the second day trying it from below, last Thursday I sent it!”

The video posted by Gabri on his facebook page further demonstrates the ease with which it flowed on this exceptional line!

Great Gabriele, a climber always able to excite us!