The first ascent of Jobo Rinjang 6778m - Up-Climbing

The first ascent of Jobo Rinjang 6778m

David Gottlieb and Joe Puryear completed on April 22nd the first ascent of Jobo Rinjang (6778 m) via the direct south face, in the Khumbu Region of Nepal, climbing alpine style over 6 days. This was the second time in six months that the two alpinists ascended a major unclimbed peak in Nepal. Last fall, the two made the first ascent of 6735m Kang Nachugo. David Gottlieb and Joe Puryear climbed no stop for 21hour 1.400 m of loose rock and moderate ice to reach a bivy at 6.500m. The next morning they summited Jobo Rinjang and after a second bivy on the top, they made an attempt to continue to the 2 km ridge to reach the peak of Lunag 6895m. Being the ridge heavily corniced with unconsolidated snow, so very risky, they descented on the same route of the ascent.
They downclimbed from the summit several pitches, until able to start V-thread rappelling in solid ice, leaving absolutely no trace of their ascent on the mountain.