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Honnold speed record on Salathe Wall

Alex Honnold, the young american talent that did astonishing free solo ascent,  together with Sean "Stanley" Leary  climbed Yosemite’s Salathé Wall (VI, 5.13c) in eight and a half hours, Honnold doing it all fre.
Honnold and Leary climbed the Monster variation of the Salathé on May 21. Honnold, leading, attempted to link the headwall in a single pitch, falling only once, then redpointing. Leary focused his efforts on the speed effort, and the two topped out in record time even after an hour break below the headwall.
After the ascent, they hiked to Half Dome but were turned back by bad weather.
The former speed record of the Salathe was done by Tommy Caldwell in 16 hours
On 1997 september, Yujii Hirayama  climbed the route onsight in 35 hours.
According to the site www.speedclimb.com/yosemite/Elcap  Jim Herson and Chandlee Harrell on 1999 july climbed the route in 6.32 and on 1998 september Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra in 7.33.
Alex Honnold is 24 and started to climb 8 years ago.
He free soloed in  2007 Astroman and  The Rostrum at Yosemite,  both 5.11.c
On 2008  Moonlight Buttress at Zion 5.12d and Half Dome Regular NW Face  5.12a

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