Hotel Supramonte redpoint during a CAF stage - Up-Climbing

Hotel Supramonte redpoint during a CAF stage

From October 29  to November 8,  2009, young prominent and talented climbers of French Alpine Club (CAF) were on stage at Gole di Gorroppu in Sardinia.
They had a first visit on 2007, then the CAF “Excellence Group” decided to engage themselves  on the  overhanging rock of  Hotel Supramonte 370 (8a+) , the famous route first ascended by Rolando Larcher and Roberto Vigiani on 1998\99.
After an long job, penalised by the few sunlinght hours and humid weather, Fabien Dugit, François Lombard and Pierre Soulé redpointed the route.
The new of a free ascent of Hotel Supramonte is important, but what’s very  interesting is that it was planned and realised by an Alpine Club.
The CAF organise the introduction stages, performed by climbing BE (qualified trainers) or expert volunteers, as well as climbing/alpinism/icefalls courses performed by professional Alpine Guides and the “Excellence Group”, reserved to young practisings with a good autonomy level.
So, those are some results… meje , divine providence
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