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Iagnemma sends Kimera!

The boulderer from Abruzzo achieves another great exploit, with one of the hardest boulders in Italy.


Kimera, another historic line of Italian bouldering! Another 8C by Christian Core, who climbed it in 2006 on one of the boulders of Rifugio Barbara.

Over the years, this extreme line, which climbs by traversing from right to left, had fallen into oblivion, after having rejected some top climbers accompanied by Core in the years following his first ascent.

In the last couple of years, however, the beautiful area of ​​Barbara and its many lines attracted the climbers again. Among them Elias Iagnemma, who from Abruzzo began to besiege this beautiful summer location with one goal in his mind: the first repeat of Kimera!

In June Elias had already climbed another hard line, with the repetition of the 8B+ of Black Mamba Low Start, as well as for several other grade 8 lines, climbed while waiting the moment to dedicate himself to Kimera: a complicated line indeed, which, in addition to the extreme hardness of its movements, is also characterized by the random conditions and by long periods in which it remains wet after the rains.

Iagnemma, with the tenacity that distinguishes him and that he already showed with the repeat of Gioia, did not give up and finally the day before yesterday he found the right condition to reach his goal, sending this other iconic 8C!

Below, here is the comment reported on Instagram, in the post with which he announced this climb:

“Finally after a hard fight with the weather conditions yesterday I managed to climb another piece of Italian bouldering history. It all started two months ago where already in the first session I was able to manage all his steps. In subsequent sessions, unfortunately, the stone always remained wet because after the rain it accumulates water and releases it in the following days slowly and therefore it needed at least a week of good weather to dry, but the weather was not on my side and after a few days of clear sky it started to rain again and he totally rebounded and stayed like that for several days. I therefore decided to try my hand at the other beautiful lines that the barbara refuge offered with the hope that my main objective would dry up. Fortunately, the day before yesterday the boulder was perfect without any of its usual castings in the central part where there is the crux section and so I decided to attack it. After several laps I went very close to climbing it but unfortunately I crashed at the last dynamic final. The next day I woke up that I was still super fit except my skin which had a clean cut on the ring finger and a split in the left index. I was undecided whether to try again or let it go for a while. Thanks to the mega support of my brother Jacopo De Sanctis and my gnappa Stefania Colomba who encouraged and supported me in this process, I decided to try again. What can I say, unexpectedly despite the tiredness of the previous day’s session and the cuts on my fingers I managed the 1st repetition of this mega traverse which remained untouched for 15 years after the Christian Core first ascent in 2006.”


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