Zillertal ice - Up-Climbing

Zillertal ice

The Zillertal is an extensive valley about 50 km east of Innsbruck. Arranged from north to south down  to the Italian border, splits into several interesting lateral valleys, and is flat until the town of Mayrhofen, from which in direction East begins the Zillergrund , a long line crossed by a road that ends at a large hydroelectric reservoir.
This whole area is full of icefalls located by the wayside, and the approach by car is easy.
Currently, the flows in the sun (right bank) are pretty ragged, while those on the opposite side are frequently repeated.
Access: Just before arriving in Mayrhofen, turn left and follow the signs Zillergrund. At the exit of a long tunnel, keep left and continue uphill for several kilometers until you see the first icefall on the right side (left bank).

Topo: Eisklettern in Tirol Alpinverlag by Axel Jentzsch-Rabl, Robert Abler und Michael Hollwarth