IFSC WC Boulder Eindhoven VIDEO - Up-Climbing

IFSC WC Boulder Eindhoven VIDEO

A VIDEO report by Udo Neumann of Eindhoven IFSC WC boulder.
It’s Kilian and Akiyo, once again. At the new outdoor venue – in the square designed by Massimiliano Fuksass – Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) beat Daniel Woods (USA) by 2 attempts to send all boulders in the final round, while the French François Kaiser steps in third place with 3 problems completed.

In the women’s field, Akiyo Noguchi, from Japan, claims back the first place by sending the four final boulders by the routesetter Jamie Cassidy in 6 attempts, against Anna Stöhr’s 8 attempts. Melissa Le Neve (FRA) got the bronze medal with 3 tops out of 4.

Fischhuber is now leading the World Cup Ranking 2011 with 409 points, while Dmitry Sharafutdinov follows at 366; despite Noguchi’s victory, Stöhr is still at the top of the women’s ranking for 2011 with 540 points, against Noguchi’s 429.