Iker and Eneko Pou opened Leve Leve (8b+, 400m) and freed Nubivagant (8b, 440m) - Up-Climbing

Iker and Eneko Pou opened Leve Leve (8b+, 400m) and freed Nubivagant (8b, 440m)

Double success for the Pou brothers in Africa where, together with Manu Pone, Iker and Eneko resolved the English route free and opened the new one Leve Leve (8b + max, 400m).

It was an aut aut, at least in the initial plans. But then not even the rain has stopped the usual unstoppable Pou Hermanos that with Manu Ponce on the Pico Cão Grande have both completely freed the only existing route, and opened their new one, thus centering the double goal. After the opening of the single pitch, not easy operation given the instability of the rock, the team started to hunt for the first free ascent and in continuity of Leve Leve (translated literally Slowly, slowly “or” quiet, silent “) and in about 14 hours it arrived at the top.

Just the time to go down in double and rest a few hours and the three immediately set off to hunt for the free Nubivagant (the way Ingelse, 8b, 450m) where they spent more hours 12. Fundamental was in fact be able to make the most of the window of good weather between a shower and the other scheduled for those two days. In this way, the African expedition of The North Face 4 Elements, which includes Aupa 40 in the Patagonia Argentina (Aria), Yakumama in the Peruvian Amazon (Acqua) and now Leve Leves on the island of São Tomé and Príncipe, ends in the best possible way. (Fire). When they return, they will surely look for the next adventure, the Earth.

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