Iker Pou onsighted Flash Over 8b+ - Up-Climbing

Iker Pou onsighted Flash Over 8b+

Iker Pou has onsighted Flash Over (8b+) and redpointed three 8c+  including Eh Sukarra at the Finestra, a sector at Margalef, Catalunya, Spain.
Eh Sukarra is a project bolted by Iker, redpointed by Ramon Julian on Sept. 2010: "I bolted that route, in the La Finestra sector" – Iker writes on his blog – " a few years ago. Very short and explosive, scarcely 15m high. The truth is that I was really excited. Climbing a route is really good, but if it is a route that you bolted yourself it is a much more gratifying experience- it is your work from start to finish."
Iker onsighted also Chiquiteca, El Mananeo and Aprete como nunca y fracase come siempre, all 8b’s.
Source poubrothers website  ph Maria Torres