The great return of Drew Ruana - Up-Climbing

The great return of Drew Ruana

A pair of first ascents of the highest level at Mount Evans


With his remarkable strength, sooner or later even Drew Ruana would have been back … and he does it with a bomb!!!

Between the end of June and the beginning of July, he started at Lincoln Lake with a first ascent of 8C, which he named Variant, a connection of which we can see the video on his Instagram profile. In reality, as Drew declares in the post, this exploit was just a preparation for what he calls the great project of this sector, climbing the great roof on which the well-known lines of 8C Delirium and Wheel of Wolvo have been already sent!

From that first July, only ten days passed and two days ago the success, announced by Ruana again on Instagram: the first ascent of Insomniac, 8C+, a new extreme testpiece in Colorado!

Only in the next post the American tell us that this line is a connection starting from Wheel of Wolvo for a sequence of 8 movements of 8B+ up to a good rest, and then going on through another section of 8B+ characterized by the line of We Can Build You, for a total of 30 hard moves.

In this 2021, Drew climbed a couple of 8C up to now, but let’s not forget his explosion of the last year, in which, with the 8C+ of Sleepwalker, Box Therapy and Creature from the Black Lagoon, he proved to be one the main actors of extreme bouldering in the world!

With Insomniac, he gained also a first ascent of this difficulty, and the season of the RMNP is still very long!


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