Ines Papert repeats Super Cirill 200m 8a/8a+ - Up-Climbing

Ines Papert repeats Super Cirill 200m 8a/8a+

Ines Papert has donea redpoint ascent of  Super Cirill on the wall of  Sonlerto, in Val Bavona (Tessin -Switzerland) a difficult multipitch of 9 pitches,  8a/8a+, 7a obbl. (200m, 7a+, 7a+, 7b+, 7c+/8a, 6b+ traverse 8a/8a+, 6c+, 6c, 6a+).
The route was opened in 1985 by Claudio Cameroni, Paola Cameroni Moretti and Marco Ferrari, was later partially unbolted and featuresa trad climbing.. The crux is the 6th pitch, on a finger crack.
The first redpoint was made on  2006 by Swiss climbers  Giovanni Quirici and Francesco Pellanda.
Ines had attempted the route last year in May with  Liv Sansoz: after two weeks efforts the duo was forced to give up, in reason of the bad weather conditions, haevy rains followed by hot temperature.
This year, Liv Sansoz was climbing in US, so Ines Papert came back to Sonlerto with  Charly Fritzer: they started to work on April 26th, and both redpointed the route.
 “One of the best routes never climbed in my life!" was  Ines comment.

Ph: – Thomas Senf