Inshallah 8c+ Kalymnos VIDEO - Up-Climbing

Inshallah 8c+ Kalymnos VIDEO

 Mathieu Bouyoud, 21 year-old French climber, native of Chambery, has done the fourth repeat of Inshallah  8c+  in Kalymnos, a short and intense route which follows the arch of a small cave, not far from ground.  Here the VIDEO of rejouie.
In September, Bouyoud did the the first ascent of "Classée dure” – 9a – on  the cliffs of La Balme de Yenne in Savoy (France)  
In July he scored in the same cliff the first ascent of Shortcut, 9a (later repeated by Adam Ondra and Geoffray "Geo" De Flaugergues)