Interview with Angela Eiter - VIDEO - Up-Climbing

Interview with Angela Eiter – VIDEO

Interview with Angela Eiter
July, 22nd 2011
Yesterday we met in a crag near Arco Angela Eiter, the twenty-five years old Austrian climber – one of the favorites for Lead Climbing finals. Angela has won two consecutive editions of World Championships (2005 and 2007).

Angela, how do you feel, thinking of tomorrow?
I think my training has been effective: although I broke a toe (the middle one), I’ve fully recovered and I feel really fit. I hope that also the semifinal will be positive.

Do you prefer training on rock or on climbing walls?
Training on climbing walls is very important to prepare a competition, but I think it’s just suitable for that. I feel better when rock-climbing, because I really enjoy it and feel happy.

Who will win the Men Lead competition?
I think that my fellow countryman Jakob Schubert has done an excellent training – I sense he’s going to win.

Which are your next goals?
I’m working on many projects on rock, and I hope to obtain several good results, provided I keep being trained and fit. I hope to send very soon many projects!

How do you like the atmosphere here in Arco 2011?
Arco is always wonderful, as happens every year. Tomorrow is going to be exceptional!