Isabelle Faus climbs Epochalipse, first 8b - Up-Climbing

Isabelle Faus climbs Epochalipse, first 8b

The 8b boulder is not a very common target for woman but this year is very particular for "pink" perfomances. So, after Alex Puccio, Shauna Coxsey and Ashima Shiraishi in particular, also Isabelle Faus become a "8b climber" doing the ascent (first female?) of Epochalipse in Flagstaff, a line opened by Daniel Woods.
Some boulders resolved in the last months:
The devil wears prana, 8a+, Rocklands
Dreadnoughtus, 8a+, Rocklands
Partage, 8a+, Fontainebleau
Trice, 8a+, Flagstaff
Bleu Steal, 8a, RMNP
Bush Pilot, 8a, RMNP
Element of Surprise, 8a, Chaos
Tea with Elmarie, 8a, Rocklands
Gloire des Papous, 8a, Rocklands
Pas de Trois, 8a FA, Rocklands
Dave Mini Monkey Wedding, 8a, Rocklands
Wrecking Ball, 8a, Rocklands
Pendragon, 8a, Rocklands
Megos Line, 8a, Rocklands
Pandemonium, 8a, Rocklands