Jenny Lavarda onsight at Kalymnos - Up-Climbing

Jenny Lavarda onsight at Kalymnos

Jenny Lavarda has done onsight Adam, 8a 32 m, and Fun de Chichunne, 8a(+) 40 m, both routes in Kalymnos.
 Fun de Chichunne is an overhanging journey on a 40m roof in Grande Grotta,  Adam is the extension of  Morgan, at Sikati Cave.
Last year Oct 5th, after two months of attempts, Jenny carried out  the repeat of  Solo per vecchi guerrieri"…,("For old warriors only…") a magnificent 4 pitches line established by Manolo on 2006.
 Video:  Guillaume Oberli onsight on Fun de Chichunne