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Jonathan Siegrist, Honeymoon is over

 It has been a dream for years, and on August 7 Jonathan Siegrist made it come true, by climbing the famous Honeymoon is over, on the Diamond. Bolted by Eric Doub in the mid ’90s and freed by Caldwell in 2001, the route had never been repeated despite the attempts. 
With its hardest sections sitting at more than 4000 metres of altitude, and characterized by possibly capricious weather conditions, Honeymoon is over is the hardest route on the Diamond. Jonathan, belayed by his father, climbed first try the first hard pitches, including the crux (8a+), but had a set back on the last hard one, 7c+. He managed to garner some concentration – despite the difficulty he experienced at recovering at such height – and soon he found himself topping out on the Diamond.
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