K2 First ascent on 2010 - Up-Climbing

K2 First ascent on 2010

The Austrian "sky runner" Christian Stangl reached on Thursday, August 12, alone and without aid of supplementary oxygen, the top of K2.

It is the only ascent this year crowned by the success of the giant Himalayan, tried in vain by very strong climbers, among them Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner.

Stangl, 44, carried a single summit push, which lasted a total of 70 hours and is now at the BC
"If all the  climbs were strenuousl ike this, I would have stopped going to the mountains " were the first statements  of  the Austrian. "At the top I took some pictures and I immediately started the descent".

Christian Stangl is dedicated to the project of climbing the 14s Seven Summits or the first and second highest peak of every continent: next will be the last of his list, Mount Tyree 4852 m in Antarctica. 

Gerlinde  Kaltenbrunner is instead on the way back to Austria. Her last attempt on K2 ended tragically a few days ago, when the Austrian returned back at the "Bottleneck" because the Swedish Fredrik Ericsson, who was with her for the summit push, suddenly crashed.

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