Kangchenjunga update - Up-Climbing

Kangchenjunga update

On may 18th, the Polish Kinga Baranowska, at her 6th 8000er, topped out Kangchenjunga. She dedicated her ascent to the great Polish alpinist Wanda Rutkiewicz who died on the same mountain on 1992, and said that this was the most difficult and strenuous climb of her life.
First summited the Spaniard Ferran Latorre fixing the itinerary for Edurne and her supporting team. For Edurne the descente has been very hard, being totally exausted: she was helped down from C4 today by climbing mates– but needed over 7 hours to reach C3, where she was unable to move further down. Fearing for her life, a Sherpa was appointed to reach the Camp with some O2. After O2, her conditions improved and she could eat something and move some step. Today (may 20th) she started her way down to C2.
 video alfilo edurne summit and BC
video Baranowska summit
source mounteverest.net