Karakorum Choktoi Glacier 2 new routes - Up-Climbing

Karakorum Choktoi Glacier 2 new routes

The french alpinists Aymeric Clouet, Julien Dusserre and Jérôme Para are since some days on Choktoi glacier aiming the FA of the virgin South East Buttress of Ogre 7285 m.
But, expecting the day of the "final battle", they did not waist their time! 
The team first ascended 2 new routes:  on a virgin peak – that they called Baz Brakk 5500 – Ruby éternelle, in memory of  the young alpine guide Karine Ruby died in summer 2009 at the Tour Ronde. The route is 400 meters long and follows a nice line of sunny and beautiful granite
Then they climbed in 4 days La ronde infinie des obstinés on a peak of 6300 m.a route of 1000 meters, up to 6b on rock and difficult ice.
source : Aymeric Clouet blog