Kundaluna Race results - Up-Climbing

Kundaluna Race results

This Sunday in Val Masino took place the Kundaluna Race (KR), trail race race in memory of Stephanie Frigerie and Pietro Biasini.

A 5th edition marked by the beautiful weather and the presence of 275 runners, who traveled 16.5 kilometers between Val di Mello and Bagni di Masino, tracing part of the path of the famous Kima.

To win the women’s race was a fast Alice Gaggi, who scored a new record along the 16.5k in 1h 18’05”, followed by Elisa Sortini and Chiara Gianola.

The men find Marco Leoni and Stefano Sansi, arriving along the finish line, followed by Guido Rovedatti.

The Vice President of Valtellina Team Francesca Galli – who initiated the event – said: “The K-Race was kissed for the fifth time by the sun, I think today someone from above helped us, Stephanie and Peter were today With us in Valmasino We want to thank you for the good performance of this event: first of all the two families who supported us, sponsors, friends and municipality of Valmasino“.