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Histerja by Rocco Romano

Rocco Romano (36) is a strong climber based in Trieste, with an outstanding collection of important redpoint, especially in the crags near his hometown.
His last realisation is Histerja  8c+ in Misja Pec , the beautiful climbing area in Slovenia. On Rocco’s record also the first free ascent of L’olocausto del sicario in 2007. The first 9a (maybe the famous Misja pec’ testpiece  Martin Krpanin )  is closer..
8c+ sent by Rocco Romano:
Histerja e  Konec mira (Misja Pec); Attila extension, Attila and  L’olocausto del sicario (Baratro – Trieste)
8c: Bimba iena, Il sultano nero, La peste and Sicario (Baratro – Trieste); Strelovod, Natural link, Talk is cheap, Osapski pajek, La corrida and Vizia (Misja Pec – Osp)
Source: trst climbing news