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Argudo reaches 9a!

Ana Belen Argudo climbs Cordia Maleficarum, 9a

The roster of women who reach 9a is now ever wider, like that of men who climb 9b. The most passionate, however, know that in reality a lot of climbers reach such grades (9a female and 9b male), but very few manage to go further, the number drops dramatically.

Twenty year old Spaniard Ana Belen Argudo entered the 9a club with a beautiful ascent: Cordia Maleficarum, a famous pitch in Cuenca. Bolted by the prolific Dani Andrada and freed by Alex Garriga a few years ago, Cordia Maleficarum is already a high-level classic. Ana’s projecting was relatively short, just a month, and the young woman reached grade nine after several 8c and one 8c+. The biggest adversary in this epic battle was bad weather, which very often punished climbers with freezing temperatures and rain.

For the future, Ana’s plans are concrete and already well defined: her intent is to continue in this direction, improving and building a solid career as a pro-climber in all respects. At the moment the young Spaniard is already working on some other extreme routes, such as el Intento, another 9a in Cuenca crag.

From Ana Belen Argudo’s IG page

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