La vie de Guy Lacelle - Up-Climbing

La vie de Guy Lacelle

One year ago, on Dec 10th, Guy Lacelle died in a avalanche, during Bozeman Ice Fest in Montana.
Guy was born in Ontario in 1955 and lived in Prince George, British Columbia – Canada: he was one of more accomplished ice climbers in the worlds, his  ascents including  the first solo link of the Terminator/Sea of Vapors and the Replicant in five hours; Weeping Pillar and Polar Circus in a day; French Maid, Curtain Call and La Pomme D’or in Quebec; Au-delà des Ombres  in France and Hydnefossen in Norway. He won the Festiglace Competition in Quebec in 2004, and the ice competition in Ouray in 2000 and 2001.
The Chris Alstrin’s  film was presented this year during Bozeman Ice Fest.  It commemorates the life of this  pioneer in the ice climbing world.  Here the trailer.
HD download $3.99 here 

In an  interview given to Alpinist he said that “solo ice climbing satisfies a need deep inside of me that cannot be solicited in any other way. It helps me feel more confident in my daily life.”