Geneva Lake - Mont Blanc summit in 23h - Up-Climbing

Geneva Lake – Mont Blanc summit in 23h

Sébastien Baud and brothers Alain and  Jean-François Premat managed to reach on ski Mont Blanc summit from Geneva lake in less than 24 hours. The trio did an attempt last year, but the bad weather conditions stopped their ascent at Gouter Refuge.
This year, they started from St Gingolph (Geneva Lake) on March 16th at midday and reached the summit of Mont Blanc the day after at 11 A.M., so in 23h 10" for 110 km and 11.000 meters total elevation gain.
The trio used country skis, mountaneering skis and ski rolls.
Sébastien Baud  and Alain and  Jean-François Premat are member of the Group d’Excellence of FFCAM (French Federation of Alpine Clubs).
Source : FFCAM