Latok II Oscar Perez update - Up-Climbing

Latok II Oscar Perez update

Is now in progress rescue operation of Oscar Perez, the Spanish alpinist since seven days stucked at 6300 meters on Latok II. His climbing mate Alvaro Novellon could’t help him to descend to BC because Oscar suffered of a broken leg and arm, so he left him some food and fuel, went down to BC and asked for help.
From Spain. left a rescue team organized by Alpin Club of Peña Guara. Helycopters of Pakistan Army and two alpinists that are in the area take part to the rescue..
According to Sebastian Alvaro today August 13 at 16;15 arrived in Rawalpindi the Spaniard rescue team immediately carried to Scardu with an helicopter of Pakistan Army.
The Spanish alpinists Jordi Corominas, Jonatan Larrañaga and the american Fabrizio Zangrilli, four porters to help the progress of the tream to the Latok Ridge and seven more porters to set the BC weill be carried as well to BC by helicopter.
Tonight the 3 alpinits will start climbing amnd tomorrow morning the BC will be set and Daniel Ascaso, Jordi Tosas, Simón Elías, Ramón Portilla, Alvaro Corrochano, Moratinos and two amaricans will start to set fixed ropes.