The ten hardest route of the world? - Up-Climbing

The ten hardest route of the world? tries to rank the most difficult sport in the world.  Of course, says it is a suggested and a speculative ranking and feel free to comment before deadline.
Jumbo Love 9b,
Akira 9b,
Es Pontas 9b,
Salamandre 9b,
Golpe de Estado 9b,
Delicuente Natural Extension 9b,
Open Air 9a+,
Corona 9a+,
Coup de Grace 9a+
Overshadow 9a+.
AKIRA Fred Rouhling 9b

Salamandre 9b, Fred Rouhling proposed 9a+

Open Air 9a+ by Alex Huber repeated only by  Adam Ondra

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