Dodo Kopold in High Tatras - Up-Climbing

Dodo Kopold in High Tatras

The famous (but controversial) Slovak climber Dodo Kopold has done some important ascents in High Tatras, at the border between Slovakia and Poland.
The first one was on November 26: Diagonala (V-/A1 60°), on  Rohovy Hreben , first ascended by A.Belica and J.Serátor in 1979, the longest route on the wall. Dodo climbed it "solo free and fast", or in the style that he calls "3 in 1", and completed the ascent on 2,5 hours.
Diagonala features a difficult overhanging part and a long section of mix climbing and steep ice. This should be the first solo and the first free of the route. On the same day he first ascended a route of 400 meters grade IV.
The day after it he performed the link of  Komin 100 and Kominom  in  Kacaci Mnich up to the summit of the mountain: again in "3 in 1" style, he did VII/VII+ on Komin 100 and M6/M6+ on the tower, climbing the whole link in 7 hours.
The third day, together with Andrej Soltys, he has done the longest Tatra’s route, the NE ridge of Ganek (2465m) approx 80\1000 meters climbing.
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