Lisa Benetti (38) sent Progetto 8b+ - Up-Climbing

Lisa Benetti (38) sent Progetto 8b+

For once, the  new does’nt concern an outstanding  performance of a  teen-ager!
Italian climber Lisa Benetti – she is 38 and mother of two childrens – sent Progetto 8b+ at the Covolo (Vicenza – Italy).
Lisa  is a former competitor and she has won the Italian Lead Cup 4 times since 1995.
His husband – Dino Lagni – is a former world Champion (Birmirghan, december 1999): both are all year round in action, in 2009 Lisa sent several difficult routes up to 8 a, Dino three 8c+ including Guerriero del futuro at the Covolo, freed by Austrian climber David Lama.