Lluc Macià Llobet, 8a on sight at 10 YO - Up-Climbing

Lluc Macià Llobet, 8a on sight at 10 YO

Someone, maybe reciting the role of sophisticated, asserts that there’s nothing special today in a similar performance for the very young age. Like to say that there’s nothing special looking a starry sky in Dolomites or a fiery sunset on the Ocean cause are things already seen.
We love marvel and think that there is something special and wonderful for a 10 years old boy that climbs an 8a route onsight. Yes, cause Lluc Macià Llobet raised his on-sight level whit that ascent whit no preliminary reconnaissance of Bon Viatge, 8a in Terradets. Last month, Lluc climbed Martina in Montserrat and Spirit Final, 8a+ afterwork in Montserrat and Vitamin N, 7c+ onsight in Terradets.
source 8a.nu