Lofoten WoMen - Up-Climbing

Lofoten WoMen

This Festival continues a very successful Dolomites Women Festival, that took place in the Italian Alps, Tre Cime di Lavaredo region, from June 11 until June 25, 2009.
The main purpose of the Festival is to exchange experience, however, there will be awards to participants to acknowledge their effort and engagement.
– Individual acknowledgement
The female climber that shows the most technical and female ascent style will be the winner. It is based on individual achievements and takes into consideration the amount of ascents every participant made, as well as the complexity of ascents.
– Team acknowledgement
The prize will be awarded to the team that made the most difficult and technical ascent to one of the Lofoten summits.
The objectives of the Open International Mountaineering Festival are:

Exchanging experience between European and Russian climbing schools;
Acquaintance with European climbing culture;
Master class and improvement of technical skills of the Russian female
Introduction of European climbers into the Russian climbing;
Preparation for Female class of the Alpine Championship in Erydag.

this festival is promoted by Russian Alpine Club
February 15.-28. 2010 Lofoten, Norway