Melloblocco 2011 - Up-Climbing

Melloblocco 2011

From Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th May 2011 Melloblocco is back. The largest international rendez-vous of people who love bouldering, climbing and the breath-taking wilderness of Val Masino and Val di Mello.
Melloblocco¨ International Year of Forests. The large broad-leaf and conifer forests of Valmasino and Val di Mello join the International Year of Forests. In respect of the whole Valmasino and of the Val di Mello Natural Park the boulder areas will be reached either on foot or by bus-shuttles.
Melloblocco¨ Bouldering. This year too, hundreds of new problems will be cleaned and set for Melloblocco¨ 2011 in full respect of the environment.
Melloblocco¨ Sound. Melloblocco¨ is climbing but also parties, presentations, exhibitions, field-tests, meetings, aperitifs and more events on surprise. Melloblocco¨ has his own sound, the rhythm of the climbing, the efforts, the clenched teeth, the tight tendons, the breathing and the heart beat. The beat is the rhythm Montura offers this year to the boulders and walls people: musicians and drummers and dancers to set the rhythm for the climbs and the sunset in Val di Mello. Do not miss the traditional La Sportiva Saturdaynight Party.
Melloblocco¨ Lab. La Sportiva offers the new 2011 shoes on free-trial, among them the brand new Python. Melloblocco¨, in collaboration with Garmin, puts on the first GPS bouldering map with GPS devices on free-trial during the event days.
Melloblocco¨ Instructions for Use. The event kit given to all participants contains – besides the event T-shirt – the map showing all the problems in the areas, including the difficult money-awarding ones. Special prizes in climbing equipment will also be drawn among participants.

The events will take place at the Melloblocco¨ Village, at the Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna.

THURSDAY, MAY 5th – Melloblocco¨ & the International Year of Forests
5 p.m. Starting of registration to Melloblocco¨ 2011
8.30 p.m. Presentation of Melloblocco¨ 2011
9-10 p.m. Art & Climbing symposium with inauguration of the exhibition of painter Gabriella Piardi.
10-11 p.m. Preview of the new bouldering video The Scene by Chuck Fryberger presented by La Sportiva.

FRIDAY, MAY 6th – Melloblocco¨, Start!
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Bouldering time
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Melloblocco¨ Baby for children and school classes; meeting point at Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna at 9:45.
Arrampicabile … bouldering for the handicapped at Bagni Masino Forest; in collaboration with ANFFAS and CONI Sondrio.
11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Judges at the most difficult money-awarding boulders
3-5 p.m. Sound among the boulders by Montura
6 p.m. Reggae at the sunset with the dub Illusion at Montura tepee
7-9 p.m. dyno contest – Qualifying rounds on the climbing wall by Climblock
9-10:30 p.m. Montura editing movie AdMO presents Climb for Life, new logo and web-site. La Sportiva presents the new shoes Python. Grivel presents Stevie Haston. dJ-set by Ivo follows.
10:30 p.m. Starting of the ÒMelloblocco¨ 2011 night Life at the marquee: live music The Wavers Surf Music, Twist e Rock n Roll. dJ-set by Ivo follows.

SATURDAY, MAY 7th – Melloblocco¨ Peace, Boulder and Party
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Bouldering time
10:30 a.m. Bouldering Clinics for all with La Sportiva athletes. Meeting at La Sportiva gazebo in Val di Mello.
11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Judges at the most difficult money-awarding boulders
3-5 p.m. Sound among the boulders by Montura
6 p.m. Percussions and African dancing at the sunset with the  drummers at Montura tepee
7-9 p.m. dyno contest Ð Qualifying rounds and Finals on the climbing wall by Climblock
9-10 p.m. La Sportiva presents: the new bouldering video The Scene by Chuck Fryberger
10 p.m. La Sportiva Party at the marquee of the Melloblocco¨ Village. Special
Event: Find your Blurr/Laspo friend. Circo abusivo concert, Gipsy -Balcan music. dJ-set by Barking doors from the Plastic in Milan. dJ-set by Ivo follows.

SUNDAY, MAY 8th – Melloblocco¨Top!
9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Bouldering time
10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Judges at the most difficult money-awarding boulders
3:00 p.m. Closing of the event at Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna. Money prize awarding to the climbers who have sent the most difficult boulders and drawing of the gear-prizes for the lucky ones.

Pre-registrations: on or by email at
Registration to Melloblocco¨: the Event Offic e is at Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna (Filorera), tel. +39 0342 640004.
Time for registration: from 5 p.m. of Thursday, May 5th and from 8:30 a.m. the next day onwards
Registration fee: 12,00 . Handing out of the event kit until available (2.500 kits).
Transport: Throughout the event, free-of-charge shuttle transfer for the Melloblocco¨ participants to the boulder areas. A bus-shuttle is granted from and to Morbegno railway station in the days of the event.
Beware: the road to Val di Mello is closed to unauthorised cars
n.B.: the event is for climbers over 18; minors should be accompanied by a parent; the event will also be held in case of rain (be equipped for it). Participants must bring their own crash pads. The organisers disclaim all responsibility for any injury occurring to participants.

Ufficio Turistico del Comune di Val Masino: tel: 0342 641117 fax: 0342 640040
email: – web:
Consorzio Turistico Porte di Valtellina: tel 0342 601140 – fax 0342 619063
email: – web:
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