Michaela Kiersch climbs Dreamcatcher! - Up-Climbing

Michaela Kiersch climbs Dreamcatcher!

Michaela Kiersch ha salito Dreamcatcher, 9a.

Dreamcatcher has been a dream of mine since Chris Sharma established the first ascent in 2005. Truthfully, for most of those years it felt out of reach. It still feels surreal.”

For Michaela, well known for her social interest, Dreamcatcher is a dream long 15 years. Three years ago she wasn’t able to do all the singles, so she has trained a lot and she has changed her style, creating something more similar to the route. She has grown up, climbing hard lines and finding good results in the world cup circuit. She has come back on Dreamcatcher this year, climbing every move. In five days she has climbed her first 9a, despite the bad weather.

Dreamcatcher has seen relatively few ascents, all by men until this month. It was magical to share moments on the route with Paige Claassen, and to feel so welcome to try my hardest alongside her. It feels empowering and momentous to add two female ascents to this climb. I’m inspired to keep dreaming up bigger dreams and so thankful for the many opportunities and support I’ve had which has helped get me to this place.

From Michaela Kiersch’s IG page