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Mikhailov and Ruchkin:1st ascent in Greenland

The Russians Mikhail Mikhailov and Alexander Ruchkin have managed the first ascent of the main peak of Shark’s Teeth ,  impressive granite pinnacles on the east coast of Greenland.
They left in April and reached by snowmobile their base camp at 12 kilometers from the mountain. Then  followed a period with frequent snowfalls, but that did not prevent them to deliver – on skis – all the gear at the base of the wall.
Finally in early May the duo started to climb the NW ridge of the main Shark Teeth and were  out after four days of climbing in alpine style. The 1200m route follows  first  a snowy gully then spread on steep rock with difficulty reaching 6c and A2.
The Shark’s Teeth in past summer seasons have been object of some attempts  not gone well because of the difficulties to reach the base of the walls. The two Russian mountaineers, both of St. Petersburg, have been nominated for Piolets d’Or in 2010 with the alpine-style ascent of a virgin peak in Sichuan (China) and have won the Russian Piolets d’Or
Source: BMC  – Russianclimb.com