Millet: Light Rush - Up-Climbing

Millet: Light Rush

The partnership between Michelin and experts in soil contact continues

After launching the first MICHELIN rubberized MILLET footwear, the two French companies come back to combine knowledge and technology to develop a footwear dedicated to the Fast Alpine category, shifting attention this time to the fast track segment of trail running.

Speed-driven off-road racing lovers need a lightweight and particularly reactive shoe that offers progressive traction and adaptability to disadvantaged terrain. For them, the MILLET Light Rush, with a weight of just 260 grams, is equipped with MICHELIN sole for advanced soil control designed for vertical challenges and short distance workouts.

For Millet sole technology, the MICHELIN Wild Rock’r mountain bike tire is designed to withstand extreme stresses. The aggressive structure of the dowels is in fact able to offer optimum traction and stability during slope crossing.

This gives the MICHELIN Reactive sole, which is characterized by a robust compound, stability and good abrasion resistance, even on extreme and discordant terrain. The tread design is lightweight, progressive and adaptable. The sole has also been developed to work in synergy with the EVA midsole, dynamic and lightweight. The MILLET Matrix tissue, a nylon and kevlar material particularly abrasion-resistant, has been used for the upper, which makes the shoe deformed, while retaining a high level of breathability.

Here are the strengths that Millet and Michelin point to Light Rush:

  • Specific tread design for progressive traction
  • Lamellas for adhesion and adaptability to different types of terrain
  • Design of the dowels on the shoulder designed for traction during the slope crossing
  • Rugged dowels for excellent traction
  • Robust ankles in the heel area to support the braking
  • Specific tread design in the heel area to support braking