Natalija Gros 8A Flash - Up-Climbing

Natalija Gros 8A Flash

Slovenian climber  Natalija Gros has flashed  "Confessions of a crap artist" 8A in Chironico- Ticino (CH).
It is likely the first female flash on 8A. The boulder is 5m high and slightly overhanging.
On 1999 in Frankenjura Josune Bereciartu flashed "Schwarzwaldklinik"7C+, then American climber Natasha Barnes  "Doggy jump" on 2005 at Hueco Tanks, Sasha Di Giulian "Zero zero" at Squamish on 2006, Alex Puccio  "Profit in a ditch" 7C+ in Joe’s Valley on 2009 and Alex Johnson  "Kelley traverse" at Horsetooth again on 2009.
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