News from the 9a club - Up-Climbing

News from the 9a club

Dani Fuertes, Antoine Kauffmann, Hernan Garcia on their 9a

The spanish Dani Fuertes doesn’t need any presentation, at age 40 he is still one of the strongest. In the last period, all his attention has been focused on Patanics, the famous 9a test piece by Jorge Diaz Rullo. With more than fifty meters, Patanics is for sure a real “must do” for everyone who loves the endurance test piece and it is known as one of the king lines of Rodellar.

The attention of Antoine Kauffmann are instead focused on a less repeated line. Bolted back in 2006 by Yann Corby, freed by Julius Westphal in 2009 and repeated just by Ondra, Aloha is one of the hardest line in Kronthal. It is not hard to say, because the Antoine’s ascent is the third, twelve years after Adam! For climbing this short and intense route, Kauffmann has spent a lot of days, thinking that is really really hard as 9a.

As Aloha, also Necros hasn’t a lot of ascents. It is and 8c by Ramon Julian Puigblanque in Sant Llorenc del Munt, with the FA back in 2008 and still unrepeated. Until now. Hernan Garcia has signed the second ascent, proposing the upgrade to 9a. Ramonet is famous for his severe quotation and this one is not different from the others. Moreover, Hernan is working also on another hard proj: El bon combat, 9b.

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