Niccolo' Ceria in Albarracin - Up-Climbing

Niccolo’ Ceria in Albarracin

Cured from little physical problem that stopped him for some weeks, Niccolò Ceria seems to be returned the strong lion whit his super power. Spain, never seen, why to go? Niky loved the north of Europe, whit its granite. Helsinki destination so. Not, too expensive in this moment. Spain, never seen, why don’t go? Albarracin destination. Some targets in mind, Esperanza, Indian Secret Garden and Zartako. In Albarracin? Three targets only? There in every view you find a target. For the grade of course but also for the beauty and Ceria wants above all the beauty in his climb. So these are the realizations, following the beauty grade, of Niccolò during his Albarracin trip.
Lamiche at mitges 8A
El Apeadero sit 8A
Esperanza 8B
Homo Ergaster 7C Flash
Klem’s traverse 8A Flash
Zombie Nation 8A/+
Supernafamacho 7B+ Flash
Indian secret garden 8B
Dizdira 7C Flash
Revenge 7C+
Helicopter on the beaches 8A+
Zarzamora 7C+
Zarzaparrilla 8A+
Zatoichi 7C Flash
El Varano 7C Flash
Cosmos 8A Flash
Helicopter 8A
El Orejas de la Regletas 7C+
Bindu 8A+/B